Selected Photos from Rutahsa's 2003 Guatemala Caving Adventure

Eric looking at the Río Lanquín underground

Here's a selection of photos from Rutahsa Adventures' 2003 Guatemala caving trip:

Cueva Setzol, our second cave:

The nearest thing to a cave at the Mayan ruins of Aguateca, the fosa, a geologic oddity: a two km-long, open tension crack.

The trip downstream in Cueva Candelaria...

A few shots from Grutas de Lanquín, on beyond the commercial section. Participants: Ric Finch, Mary Gratsch, Jef Levin, and Eric Weaver.

Scenes from our trip to Cueva San Antonio, with participants Ric Finch, Christine Gerace, Mary Gratsch, Philip Greer, Jef Levin, Pete Miller, Eric Weaver, and Larry Wuest.

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Images on this website by Janie and Ric Finch, @copyrighted.